Deactivating the Seat Sensor – BA13

Deactivating the Seat Sensor - BA13

The BA13 has a default mode of the sear sensor being activated, this means that the bidet needs to be sat on in order for the functions to work.

However in case the seat sensor does not work, it needs to be deactivated to make the bidet usable.

To determine if the seat sensor is faulty, you would hear an alarm sound / double beep (“Ding ding”) when the remote control is pressed even when the bidet is sat on.

Follow the procedures for deactivating your BA13 seat sensor:

1. When facing the bidet, there are 3 buttons on the right hand side, behind the black panel. They will read Power, Rear Cleansing and Nozzle Cleansing.

2. Using two thumbs, hold down the Power and Rear Cleansing buttons simultaneously until the top lights flash and you hear an alarm sound. Release the buttons.

3. Press the Nozzle Cleansing button ONCE (the one that is closest to the power cord) and you should hear a “Ka-ching” sound. The Power light on the top case will start to blink fast.

4. The blinking will stop, and the seat sensor has been deactivated.

You may test this by pressing the Dry button on the remote control, and if pressing a wash button you must ask client to close the lid or sit on the bidet to use it.

Be advised to keep the remote control in a safe place to avoid small children from playing with the remote and causing unnecessary sprays from the bidet.

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