Dryer Not Working – BA08

Dryer Not Working

  1. If the dryer starts up but you can’t feel the air, the dryer flap may be stuck down.

2. Check the little flap covering the air dryer vent. Occasionally, some dried urine may accidentally splash up causing the flap to stick.

3. Lift the dryer flap and wipe underneath with a damp cloth. 


4. If the dryer is blowing cold air, please turn the dryer on and adjust the dryer temp using the remote control.

Press “Air Dryer” on the remote. You will see the little writing light up underneath the horizontal bars.

Increase the Air Dryer Temperature to your desired setting using the Up Arrow.


You may increase the pressure further by pressing the “Air+” button on the bottom of the remote. A fourth horizontal bar should show up on the screen.


5. If the Dryer still feels cold or you still cannot feel the air, please test another function on the remote. If that works fine but the dryer does not, please contact our Customer Care Team as the dryer on the bidet will need to be repaired.

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