No Power – N1000

No Power

* Please note that the Seat Sensor must be activated for any functions to operate. Best way to test is to sit on the bidet– if the sensor is not occupied, all functions will not operate.

1. Turn the bidet off at the wall and unplug for 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes plug it back in and turn the power on.

2. The bidet should extend and retract the nozzle and ‘ding’.

The blue night light should also come on underneath the seat (unless the night light function has been deactivated).

3. If there is no power light indication, please check the power point with another appliance (Lamp, Hair dryer, Shaver). 

4. If other appliances do not work in that power point then it’s a faulty power point, please speak to your electrician.

5. If the power point works fine with another appliance, please contact our Customer Care Team as the bidet will need to be repaired.

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