No Water At All – Throne Knight

No Water At All

  1. Ensure the bidet is turned on at the power and the water is on. Press the nozzle cleansing button on your remote. Ensure water runs down the inside of the bowl/ on the nozzle. (If water doesn’t run down the nozzle, your bidet does not have any water running through it – Go to steps 4 & 5). If water does runs down the nozzle, please click nozzle cleansing and the nozzle will retract. Once the nozzle has retracted, place a wet cloth on the right hand side of the seat (Photo), and close the lid on your bidet (leaving the wet cloth in place) and click the posterior wash button. (Photo) 
  2. Make sure the remote and bidet are talking to each other. Click the posterior wash button on your remote (wet cloth needs to be on the right hand side of the seat). You should hear a “ding” sound when the buttons are pressed. If there is a “ding ding”, your seat sensor has not been activated. Please place your hand on the wet cloth. If there is no “ding” noise, please click the button on the left side of the bidet (when facing) that says “Posterior wash” (Photo). If the bidet starts to work using this button, please click STOP on your remote. If the stop button does not work and the bidet continues to spray, the bidet and the remote are not connecting and you will need to contact our Customer Care team to organise a repair for your bidet. 
  3. When you press the rear wash function, did the nozzle extend but water just ran into the bowl rather than spraying? If so, the bidet will need to be repaired. Please contact our Customer Care Team.
  4. If the nozzle extends and retracts right away, there may be no water accessing the bidet. Please turn the water off at the tap and disconnect the water pipe from the base of the Throne top (Photo & Video). Once the pipe is pointed into the bucket, please turn the water back on. If water came at a steady flow, the bidet will need to be repaired as the water is accessing the bidet but not flowing through it – Please contact our Customer Care Team. 

If no water came through, there is a blockage stopping the water from flowing. Please turn the water off again at the tap. Please contact a Plumber.

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