Nozzle Does Not Spray – BA07

Nozzle Does Not Spray

  1. Please turn the bidet off at the wall and unplug for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, plug it back in and turn the power on.
    The bidet should extend and retract the nozzle and you should hear a “ding” noise.
  2. If nothing happens when the power is turned on, please press the power button on the top left hand side of the bidet (Photo)
  3. If that doesn’t work and there is no power light indication, please check the power
    point with another appliance (Lamp, Hair dryer, Shaver). If other appliances don’t work in that power point, the power point is faulty.
  4. Make sure that the water connection is fully open and the bidet is turned on. If water is getting through the white pipe but the problem still persists, please turn the water off again. Remove the filter and inside the filter holder/ housing there is a little button/ valve. Press that a couple of times to remove any sediment that could of settled around it.
  5. Please insert the filter back in (Video) and check the water flow by removing the filter clip (Video) to see if water runs through the pipe and filter (Point filter into bowl/ bucket).
  6. If there is no water going through the filter after turning on the water, the filter and/or filter holder may need replacing or the filter may not be installed correctly (To test, hit the filter on its side with your hand quite hard to see if the filters falls out – If it does, it isn’t installed correctly – try again until it doesn’t fall out)
  7. Once the filter stays in place, point it into the bowl and turn the water on – If no water comes through, Please contact our Customer Care Team.
  8. If the water is getting through the filter, the bidet is turned on with the power light
    illuminated but the problem still persists, the bidet will need to be repaired, please contact our Customer Care Team.

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