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Nozzle Does Not Spray

Please turn the bidet off at the wall and unplug for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, plug it back in and turn the power on.
The bidet should extend and retract the nozzle automatically.

      1. If nothing happens when the power is turned on, please press the power button on the left hand side of the bidet (Photo).
      2. If that doesn’t work and there is no power light indication, please check the power
        point with another appliance (Lamp, Hair dryer, Shaver). If other appliances don’t work in that power point, the power point is faulty and the bidet is not receiving any power.
      3. Make sure that the water connection is fully open and the bidet is turned on. 
      4. Please sit down and click the posterior wash on your remote (photo).

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