Remote Doesn’t Make Bidet Function BA-13

Remote Does Not Make Bidet Function

  1.             Please activate the seat sensor by placing a wet cloth on the seat between 3 & 5 o’clock.

2. Please click the red STOP button 3 times to see if the bidet beeps–



If the bidet does beep, the remote is connecting and all functions should work.

 If the bidet beeps but the bidet still does not function, have a listen if the bidet gives a “ding ding” sound when a button is pressed– it may be that you need to deactivate the seat sensor on the bidet.


See: Deactivating the Seat Sensor


If the bidet does not beep, the remote may not be connecting to the bidet.

– Please click the Rear Cleansing button on the side of the bidet (right side when facing the bidet — middle button)

If the nozzle starts to spray, please click the red STOP button on the remote.

If this does not stop the nozzle from spraying, the IR’s that connect the bidet and the remote may be faulty– Please contact our Customer Care Team.


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