Remote Problem

Remote Problems

Activate the seat by placing a wet cloth on the right hand side at the 3-4 o’clock position

Please click the STOP button 3 times and check if the bidet beeps.

If the bidet does not beep, please check if the screen illuminates. 

If the screen illuminates, press the Air Dryer button to check if remote is talking with the bidet.

If the screen does not illuminate please turn remote over to change the batteries and try again. Please ensure to use only high alkaline batteries (Duracell is a recommended brand).

Please try using any buttons on the side of the bidet (just be aware that water will spray when Rear Cleansing is pressed).

If the buttons work on the bidet but the remote does not, then the IR sensor is faulty and the bidet needs to come back for repairs. 

If the buttons on the side of the bidet don’t work, please contact our Customer Care Team as the bidet will need to be returned for repairs.

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